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Al Sharif - X

ASX- Al Sharif X

THE ORIGINS : AlSharif Group Holding

  • ASG made a name for itself locally & globally

    The company was Established 1980 ,current Investments exceeding 6B SAR , and over 1200 employee operating in 6 different worldwide locations.

  • OHTL Department +Civil Department

    ASG provides full Engineering, procurement and construction services for transmission lines as well as civil works for the electricity sector as well as the construction of buildings and structures

  • Underground Cable Department

    ASG is a qualified contractor for all works relating to underground cabling.

  • Substations, Testing & Commissioning Department

    ASG is a qualified EPC contractor for 132kV substations including testing & commission.

  • Diversifying actively into new sectors

    Telecommunications, Waste Management, Industrial investments, Environmental services, Clean energy.

To keep the legacy and expand the horizons for the future, ASX started operating with latest global technology for smart life.

Imporve Quality of life through Technology

Citizen Centric

Reduce Pollution

Save Energy

Security and Safety

Healthy Living

Reduce Traffic


Smart city furniture

Revamping emerging digital solutions to execute organizational end-to-end digital transformation and smart city infrastructure.


Trusted connectivity to enable a hyper-connected world. Includes fiber, small cell services.

Data center infrastructure

Latest technology and hardware for data center, including racks, assets, power and training.

IoT & AI

Transformative impact through an interrelated system of data-driven devices.


Establishment of the future revolutionary technology infrastructure with fifth generation wireless technology.

Clean energy

Stepping into the future with fully integrated, interconnected, and intelligent smart city infrastructure and smart grid for renewable energy.


Data flow visible in a single dashboard enabling the user to run, monitor, develop and manage IoT applications.

Intelligent Security

Providing detailed and reliable data feed that is frequently updated intelligence about new threats affecting smart products and devices.


Product development



System integration



Upon ASG’s commitment to building the electric vehicle charging infrastructure as part of the kingdom’s 2030 vision.

On 7 March, AlSharif X signed an agreement with Petroly to expand its network to more than 70 locations of Petroly's stations across the kingdom. This is to accelerate the transition of E-mobility in the Kingdom.


Key Technology Players (Global Market)

Expert Matter Players

Strategic Local partnership