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ASG becomes an officially recognized contractor for the venerable ARAMCO.

8th of September 2016 – ASG becomes an official recognized contractor for the venerable ARAMCO.

An important event in ASG’s history has taken place. Having taken note of ASG’s stellar growth and development since 2013, the great Saudi Arabian state company, ARAMCO, has qualified ASG as a main contractor for various fields.

From humble beginnings in 1981, ASG has diversified itself into many different areas of expertise. From medium voltage, to high voltage, and very high voltage transmission projects along with their testing and commissioning. Certainly ASG collaborated with other players in the industry to provide testing and commissioning services. Today it has entered new fields such as underground cabling, substations works and district cooling.

This ambitious drive for growth, development and excellence has earned ASG a place as a main contractor with the venerable ARAMCO. With the blessings of the almighty, and god willing, ASG will continue its tradition of timely operational excellence in the fields it has mastered in line with ARAMCO’s interests.

ASG is honored, and will, Inshallah, dutifully meet ARAMCO’s expectations to help it in its mission, and beyond, in building the great country that is Saudi Arabia.

Glory be to god.


SEC Riyadh announced a medium sized substation project for Riyadh in October 2015. On December 2nd 2015, ASG was awarded the said project, giving it a value of 142.5 million SAR for the engineering and construction of two substations (#8610 & #8312). These will benefit the ALOYNAH and the AL DAWADMI housing complexes by linking them to the grid and feeding them energy.

ASG’s world class level of engineering was demonstrated by beating out fierce competition from established and respected players ALFANAR, ALSTOM, AL BABTAIN, AL MASHARIQ, SSEM & TDP. The responsibility for the project was finalized on February 14th 2016, as the representatives of ASG and the SEC signed the final paperwork.

The work for both substations will have a civil works phase focused on constructing the various elements composing a substation, along with electrical works focused on supplying, installing and testing the equipment destined to run the substations. Mechanical works will also be involved in the natural progression of the project. The substations will be equipped with a Substation Automation System (SAS) and will be remotely controlled through SCADA system through Gateway & fiber optic channels connected to the National Grid- National Telecommunication Control Center (NG-NTCC).

As per ASG standards, the highest safety measures and precautions will be taken and followed meticulously to ensure workers are safe, sound and satisfied with their good work.

The project is to be completed in 27 months from the date of signature. In other words, completion is expected by May 2018.

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