Welcome to Al Sharif Group

Al Sharif Group (ASG) is a Saudi company established in 1980. Grounded in meticulous planning, prudent management and group effort, ASG has become a leader in providing energy through distribution and transmission. ASG’s Energy Unit is currently undertaking various project worth more than 2 billion Saudi riyals, while its civil works department undertakes projects amounting to 500 million Saudi riyals annually.

ASG’s success stems from the vision and ambition of its founder and Chairman, Al Sharif Fayez, who began his entrepreneurial career as an undergraduate at King Abdul-Aziz University. There was a great opportunity in the growing population’s increasing demand for electricity coupled with the financial boom of the 1970s in Saudi Arabia. Al Sharif Fayez connected the dots and seized the opportunity. He acquired an electric services company, saved it from bankruptcy and diversified his investments in real estate development projects. These seeds allowed for ASG to robustly grow in parallel with Saudi Arabia’s infrastructural development and become the success it is today.

Our Vision

To be the leaders of electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution locally, regionally and globally.

Our mission

To surpass expectations by adhering to international standards in all our investment and infrastructure projects, and to become the preferred choice for current and potential clients.

Our Strategy

By conducting thorough market research, considering both local and global market projections, and providing both methodical management and a high caliber of human resources, ASG has been able to become a leader in all its fields of business.