Mr. Al Sharif Faiz

Chairman of the Board

A larger than life personality had the courage to think different and take risks like few could have. In 1980 he started a contracting company to take on modest projects, and it slowly grew in size and ambition.

Mr. Al Sharif Nawaf

CEO and Board Member

Positive and energetic, he inspires confidence and vision in his employees. He holds firm that to trust another with a great responsbility inspires a strong sense of appreciation and so stimulates a greater passion to deliver great work.

Mr. Saud Omer Al Nasser

Board Member

Mr. Saud Al Sharif helped ASG develop its business in both residential and commercial real estate in Makkah and Madinah. He has proven a wise contributor to the board with his solid advice and robust views on economic dynamics of local markets

Tarik Nabulsi


Tarik leads a regional Business Advisory firm, with significant experience in the Strategic Planning and Wealth Management services. He brings an extensive experience of serving on audit committees, including the role of Chairman, and is currently a Non-Executive Director of a Saudi listed company together with two other non-listed businesses in the region.

Dr. Adli Hammad

Legal Advisor and Board Member

Dr. Adli Hammad is ASG’s legal advisor. His experience with the Saudi Vensutre Capital Investment Company afforded him a deep experience that is highly valuable to ASG. Dr. Hammad is also a senior partner at Hammad & Al-Mehdar, in alliance with Simmons & Simmons.

Mr. Al Sharif Saud Faiz

Vice President and Board Member

Mr. Saud. Al Sharif is deeply invested in researching opportunities for ASG to increase its productivity and continue its innovative streak. He has also been hard at work expanding the business internationally with key partners such as the Spanish Abengoa INABENSA.