Al Sharif Group Holding, issued a statement last Thursday announcing the expansion of operations in Pakistan to address opportunities emerging in the power sector.

The new branch office in Lahore managed and staffed by veteran Pakistani engineers, comes as an extension of Al Sharif Group’s expansion, as it seeks out partnerships in Pakistan and beyond the MENA region.

“The world is witnessing a rapid urbanization drive, exponentially increasing electricity consumption and with it demand for power generation, driven by this understanding, we want to add value to the Pakistani economy by playing a leading role in energy projects across this great nation of Pakistan,” stated Nawaf Bin Faiez AlSharif, ASG's CEO.

Founded in 1980, Al Sharif Group Holding has executed over 100 projects valued at up to $2 billion across the Middle East and North Africa region, building power generation and transmission substations, railways, telecom networks, and executing large-scale water utility projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.