AlSharif Group Holding contributes to the project of implementing and operating the gas pipelines linking the two facilities of Aramco and the Saline Water Conversion Corporation in Yanbu.

Taking into consideration that the gas line will be 18 km in length with the construction of the necessary infrastructure for operation and transfer of water to the main cities for the benefit of citizens. The project aims at the well-being of citizens and improving the services provided to them by increasing the desalination methods and making them drinkable with the most possible opportunities, and this project is not the first of its kind but among several projects around the Kingdom done by ASG.

Regarding this project, Al Ekhbariya channel hosted the CEO of Water sector Eng. Hawas Bajawi Our Executive Director of the Water Sector Eng. Talked about ASG's partnership with the public sector, taking the gas pipeline project linking Aramco's facilities to SWCC's in Yanbu as a vivid example in this regard.