ASG announced the launch of its new affiliate company Sama Environmental Services Co. Which aims in its manufacturing model to establish the necessary infrastructure and plants for recycling municipal solid waste, hazardous industrial wastes, liquids, electronic wastes, and biomedical wastes. In terms of increasing local content in a developing sector, as well as contributing to Saudi employment and long-term environmental development.

Ceo Nawaf Bin Faiz AlSharif said: “In ASG we intend to form an integrated spectrum of services related to the clean energy field, therefore, SAMA launching comes along with AlSharif X establishment that specialized in smart city infrastructure”

Immediately after launching, SAMA signed a strategic partnership with a foreign investor (Ramky Group), for working on treating the demolition and construction remains in Makkah Province. SAMA and Ramky will operate on the construction of an integrated demolition and construction waste management facility; which will contribute to reducing the environmental and visual pollution. Therefore, it reflects on increasing employment opportunities for the individuals of the province and contributes vitally to the revitalization of business opportunities for SMEs.

“In SAMA we intend to inspire Vision2030 by promoting environmental values, meaningful utilization of surroundings waste turning it from an environmentally harmful product to an economically profitable commodity, also to lead finding qualitative solutions to the highest global standards, and we look forward to contribute in raising community awareness about their role in environmental conservation; basing it on The Green Saudi initiative” Said Mr. Nawaf AlSharif.

So far, ASG has succeeded in implementing a wide spectrum of fields and projects in strengthening the infrastructure of the traditional energy sector, offering innovation and bringing quality to the Saudi clean energy sector. The Group also looks forward to presenting a model of local investment in energy projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.