ASG has participated in the “Modon Tech Challenge” initiative, one of MODON Social Responsibility initiatives, to publicize the industry and modern technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and raise awareness of the youth from 9 to 14 years of age, by incorporating fun learning concepts into a short motion graph.

The Group’s interplay in the initiative besides the sponsoring included creating an animated video explaining the history of industrial revolutions in a simplified way leading up to today’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, focusing on the concept of smart cities, the internet of things and contemporary 5G networks. And motivating the importance of understanding the Industrial Revolution to lead an innovative future with progress.

"Modon" is one of the Kingdom's innovative social responsibility projects that contribute to the achievement of the Quality of Life Programme, which aims to promote cultural and recreational activities by focusing on raising society awareness at an early age, and the digital transformation program, enhancing skills that use the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution within Saudi Vision 2030 and informing them of the concepts and meaning of sustainable development.