ASG Holding is a qualified EPC contractor for HV substations up to 132 kV through a qualified team of engineers.

We have all equipment required for installation of HV, MV Switchgear, Power Transformers, and all other substations equipment.

ASG also is a SEC-N-G approved Testing &Commissioning Contractor with a qualified team of  Engineers for Testing & Commissioning Services.

Our electrical and civil engineering departments work in collaboration to provide state of the art services in the following fields circumscribing all S/S testing and commissioning works.


  1. High Voltage & Extra High Voltage GIS ( Gas Insulated Switchgear ) Testing
  2. Medium Voltage Switchgear Testing
  3. Instrument Transformers ( CT/VT) Testing
  4. Circuit Breaker Testing, Contact Resistance Tests, and High Voltage Dielectric  Tests
  5. Power Transformers, Reactors, Auxiliary Transformers, Capacitor Bank and Surge Arrester
  6. Control & Protection Panels Testing for all Manufactures
  7. Protection Schemes & Measuring Instruments Testing