RED capitalizes on technological advancement and abundant natural resources of the region to provide the Kingdom with a one stop shop for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

RED – Solar

High efficiency Solar cells provide abundant green and economic energy. The Solar Division aims to maximize the utility of empty space on domestic, residential, commercial and industrial areas with solar panels. The RED department is proud to provide engineering, procurement and construction services and strives to guarantee product longevity with robust O&M services, as well as:

ASG provides:-

  • Energy Consumption Assessments
  • Solar Array Engineering & Design
  • Resource Assessment Evaluation.
  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Solar Parking Mounts
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Operation & Maintenance.
  • Solar PV Maintenance Training
  • SOLAR PRO Sim.
  • Grid Integration.

RED –Smart Building

ASG provides pioneering energy efficiency solutions in its Smart Buildings series of offerings. Their aim is to bring buildings as close as possible to a net-zero carbon emission state and provide owners with significant energy and financial savings.

ASG provides:-

  • Energy & Consumption Management Technology
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Standards Certification
  • Energy Savings for Low Running Costs.
  • World leading TRNSYS software for efficient building simulations.
  • High efficiency LED lighting with Sensors
  • Smart Meters for Energy consumption prediction
  • Sensors for HVAC & Lighting System automation
  • HVAC & Lighting remote controls
  • Networking and Fiber Optics connectivity
  • Exterior wall insulation technology
  • Thermal Imaging for increased building insulation

RED – Micro Grid & Energy Solutions

Where operations are far too remote to be connected to a reliable grid, excess energy made from solar PV can be stored in a battery and later used more cost effectively than by running a generator. With the right combined technologies, one can be carbon negative and generate an income from energy exports.

ASG provides:-

  • Solar Heat Collectors design and installation.
  • Heat Pumps for geothermal cooling and heating.
  • Energy storage
  • Hybrid wind/solar/conventional energy sources.
  • Battery Energy Storage Solutions.
  • Microgrid solutions.