Executives Managers

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Eng. Hussain N.Gardezi

Mr. Gardezi has witnessed the kingdom’s power sector’s
development from early on. He is responsible for the meticulous
execution of the Power Transmission Lines business and oversaw
the projects ASG had the honor of winning over its 35-year span.


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GM – Riyadh Region

Mr. Khaled Al Mubarki

With 20 years of experience in power and a strong management
track record, Mr. Mubarki is ASG’s general manager in Riyadh.
He has successfully spearheaded acquired the SEC approvals
for ASG’s underground cabling and substation business and is
responsible for the finalization of several projects.


Head of Legal Department

Mr. Rami Al Sharif

bachelor of Law from Cairo University as well as from Om Al Qura University. Also international Arbitration Diploma for the GCC and British Consul. With more than fifteen years of experience in Planning and Practical international cases for multinational firms and banks.


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Mr. Khaled Refaat

With over 30 years experience in leading large finance and
investments divisions, Khalid is an agile, global strategic leader
driving operations at ASG to success. His wide scope is a key
asset in ASG›s continuous evolution towards a more innovative
and efficient organization with a robust financial foundation.

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New Ventures Manager

Mr. Bakor S. Al-Tayar

Mr. Bakor Al-Tayar is ASG’s new ventures manager, in charge
of researching the best fit opportunities for ASG to invest in
and develop locally with the goal of helping Saudi Arabia reach
greater development goals.


Chief Engineer

Eng. Altaf Hussain

Armed with over 37 years of experience in international electrical
power engineering projects, ranging from Pakistan to Saudi
Arabia, Altaf has provided ASG project managers and engineers
with invaluable guidance as he orchestrated them to successful
project completion.



Head of Renewable Energies

Mr. Waseem Malik

One of the first people in the industry to notice the potential of
solar and renewable energies in Europe. Waseem joined ASG
to establish ASG Renewable Energy Department. With vast
knowledge of the solar industry, he is a valuable asset in the
decarbonization and solarisation of the Kingdom.


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